twomills started in the spring of 2001 with a mission to contribute to and expand the field of digital cinematography for film and games.

award winning lighting director zach schlappi is the aesthetic engineer for twomills' most recent projects. zach has over four years of professional lighting and compositing experience. his work has been shown throughout the world from australia and belgium to korea and spain. he has won scholarships, awards, and grants and lectured about lighting cinematics in game and film. perceptive and hardworking, he is an asset to any company that needs visual ideas and solutions. for zach's professional experience please either click here or "resume" below.

adam behar is the technical director that leads twomills' renderman and maya development. he has worked on countless television commercials, magazine covers and is the current chief information officer for the school of visual arts.


(july 2005) zach schlappi is currently the art director for "medal of honor: airborne" for the sony playstation.
(february 2005) zach schlappi is currently involved with electronic arts' newest world war two first person shooter "medal of honor: european assault". he in preproduction with adam behar on an animation project titled "track rabbits".
(november 2004) zach schlappi is quoted in the school of visual arts' spring edition of the visual arts journal on page 22.
(november 2003) medal of honor 3: rising sun is released and here are some of the reviews for zach's work:
"The [Pearl Harbor] level is also one of the best examples of the cinematic direction the game has taken since its ambitious, but understandably modest, cinematics on the PlayStation. The dynamic way the level changes and guides you, Halo-style, through the California to the main deck is very well done."
". . .A Bridge on the River Kwai . . .[is]. . . well-made in presentation and design. . .fantastic jungle environments and good enemy placement. . .recall cinematic moments from films such as, well, The Bridge on the River Kwai. . . "
official u.s. playstation magazine
(august 2003) official playstation magazine quotes zach schlappi's views on cinematic lighting in electronic art's medal of honor 3: rising sun on page 48.
(may 2003) anima mundi 2003 has invited pasta for war to be shown for this year's festival in sao paolo and rio de janeiro.
zach's work has received its first lighting review for "medal of honor 3: rising sun" shown at the electronic entertainment expo 2003 in los angeles from david thomas of the denver post: "the lighting really makes the game."
(april 2003) pasta for war will be showing in the 25th mountainfilm festival in telluride.
(march 2003) zach schlappi has accepted a lighting assignment to work on medal of honor 3: rising sun with electronic arts in los angeles, california.
(february 2003) ice age is nominated for best animated feature film by the academy of motion pictures.